We’re sure that you’ve heard of fat burners. The magic supplement that makes you lose weight faster than you can imagine. Right? Wrong! Fat burners are designed to supplement your diet. What you put into your body is still incredibly important and a fat burner will assist your body in burning fat at a faster rate.

So if a fat burner isn’t a magic pill that will give you the shredded body that you’re after, then what is? The trick is to make the most of your fat burner by following a few simple tips:

Always choose a thermogenic fat burner

Thermogenic fat burners contain thermogenic ingredients that act to raise the body’s temperature. By raising the body temperature, you are increasing your metabolism as your body will burn more calories in an attempt to stabilise your temperature once again. But the benefits of a thermogenic fat burner don’t stop there; the stimulating ingredients will also increase energy which in turn provides better performance during your workout.

Keep hydrated

Remember those thermogenic benefits we mentioned? Well they’re great aids to fat loss but it’s important to note that if your body temperature is raised, then you’re also sweating more. If you allow your body to become dehydrated you’re limiting these thermogenic benefits by lowering your metabolism. Furthermore, if your fat burner contains caffeine, a diuretic, then you’ll be going to the bathroom more often and this can also lead to dehydration. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day for optimal absorption and hydration support.

Take your fat burner first thing in the morning

When you wake up your body’s metabolism is at its slowest as it slows down whilst you sleep. By taking your fat burner first thing in the morning, you’re kick starting your metabolism and the fat burning process. Not only that, you will benefit from a suppressed appetite and you may find that you have better control over your eating habits as the day goes on.

A healthy diet is important

As we already mentioned, a fat burner is not a quick fix or a miracle solution to get the body that you want. A healthy, low-calorie diet and exercise remain as important as ever. Yes, fat burners aid weight-loss, but if you’re packing away the calories and not going to the gym then you’re not going to see the results that you’re after. Follow a healthy lifestyle and use fat burners to supplement this healthy lifestyle and you’ll soon see the shredded body that you want.

Make sure you’re getting enough protein

Most fat burners will have appetite suppressing effects which can lead to a lower intake of dietary proteins. If that’s the case, you could end up losing muscle mass. We don’t want you to put all of your time in the gym to waste, so when you’re planning your meals you can cut back on the carbs and fats, but don’t lower your protein intake.

Avoid fat burners that contain proprietary blends

A proprietary blend can be found on some ingredient list’s on the back of certain supplements and is used by companies to hide exactly how much of each ingredient is used within that blend. The problem with this is companies can not only hide the amount of each ingredient contained in your supplement, they can also hide all of the fillers it contains. This means that you can end up with a sub-par product that is less pure than you think. Always check the label before you buy to make sure that you’re buying a high quality supplement.