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Purchasing the ultimate performance bundle allows you to get 15% off each individual product.
What’s in the bundle: x2 Plan A, x2 Shift, x2 Vitonic, x2 Apitone, x2 Reset, x1 Switch.
This premium performance bundle is made up of a variety of nutrients that work hand in hand to aid you in reaching your optimal performance level, through correct preparation, endurance and recovery.

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Used by professional sportsmen all over the world, and the only product of its type in the country, Plan A has been scientifically formulated to contain the exact amino acid ratio for repair and building of muscles before and after high performance.

Plan A is a specific unique sequence of essential, vegetable-based amino acids in a highly purified crystalline form, providing the body with a level of muscle recovery and performance that is not attainable from dietary proteins.

The use of PLAN A is especially recommended for individuals who want to achieve faster protein synthesis in the body, and therefore enhance muscle recovery and performance at a rapid rate.

6x more effective than protein supplements


Recover faster and enhance performance.

Reset Recovery Drink is a high-quality repair supplement that provides an outstanding combination of ingredients.

This combination of ingredients optimises and assists the body with recovery from daily wear and tear and/or intense training, improves joint health, supports immune health function and reduces muscle and joint pain.


A supercharged pre-workout supplement including 11 science-backed ingredients that work in concert to prime the body for high performance, making it the ultimate complete pre-performance supplement.

Packed with an Amino Acid Complex, The Switch enhances recovery and increases energy, aiding you in reaching new optimal levels of strength, speed and endurance. 


SHIFT Intra High Performance Drink is formulated with a unique combination of electrolytes, amino acids and endurance-boosting ingredients.

This endurance booster is ideal for any athlete that is undergoing moderate to high intensity training, sporting events and endurance events. With a combination of science-backed and trademarked ingredients, The Shift packs a real punch.


Apitone x10 Fat Burner contains a combination blend that provides a holistic approach to burning fat and performance by targeting as many variables as possible to create the perfect fat burning environment.

Apitone stimulates the metabolism through thermogenesis while providing much-needed energy during times of dieting and training. Apitone also contains a specialised ingredient, Apitex, which decreases appetite.

The combination of researched and scientifically-backed ingredients contained in our Apitone will play a leading role in your weight management program for better health and vitality.


Vitonic Multivitamin Tonic is a complete one-a-day formula from A to Z that enhances your physical and mental energy and performance.

Vitonic Multivitamin Tonic is a complete multivitamin tonic and mineral supplement that has scientifically been developed to give your body the right nutrients to eradicate nutritional shortfalls in diet.

Vitonic Multivitamin Tonic capsules contain all the essential vitamins and minerals, ensuring multiple key benefits. 

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