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Plan A has been scientifically formulated to contain the exact amino acid ratio for repair and building of muscles. Absorbed in just 23 minutes, (compared to the 2-4 hours needed by dietary proteins) Plan A gives you shorter recovery times and even faster results.

6x more effective than protein supplements

100% fat & sugar free

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Plan A is a specific unique sequence of essential, vegetable based amino acids in a highly purified crystalline form.
There are many amino acid supplement products on the market today.

PLAN A’s superiority is based on its amino acid sequence.
PLAN A’s components, proportions, homogeneity, and extremely high purity enable it to provide unprecedented nutritional effectiveness.
Dietary supplements using casein, whey or soybean as a protein source release an average of 83% nitrogen catabolites which is 82% more than that released by PLAN A.
Due to PLAN A’s extremely high NNU (net nitrogen utilisation) PLAN A release an insignificant amount of energy.
At the same time 10 capsules provide the body protein synthesis equivalent to that provided by approximately 180g of meat, fish or poultry.
By using PLAN A in substitution of dietary proteins, the daily protein requirement can be easily and effectively achieved with essentially no calories.
​Since PLAN A is already broken down into amino acids, it can be absorbed in the small intestine in approximately 23 minutes.
This is far less than the two to four hours necessary to digest dietary proteins.

PLAN A induces a minimal stimulation of intestinal secretions, acting as a completely catabolised dietary protein, and is absorbed without the aid of peptidases(enzymes).
For this reason, the use of PLAN A is especially recommended in the dietary management of individuals who want to achieve faster and more intense body protein synthesis without overloading digestive functions.

​PLAN A provides a 99% Net Nitrogen Utilisation (NNU). NNU represents a protein’s nutritional value, which is the percentage of its constituent amino acids that act as precursors, or “building blocks” of body protein synthesis.
To illustrate: when a dietary protein is digested, it releases its constituent amino acids into the small intestine where they are absorbed.
Those amino acids can then be used for either the anabolic pathway (build-up) or catabolic pathway (breakdown).

PLAN A is already broken down into amino acids and there for is almost immediately available to the body as “building blocks”.
When dietary amino acids follow the anabolic pathway, they act as precursors for the body’s protein synthesis, thus becoming the body’s constituent proteins.
Throughout the anabolic pathway, amino acids do not release any nitrogen catabolites (metabolic waste) or energy.
On the other hand, when dietary amino acids follow the catabolic pathway, they act only as a source of energy and not as building blocks.
Amino acids release unwanted nitrogen catabolites when they are used as a source of energy in the catabolic pathway.
The fact that PLAN A provides an unprecedented 99% NNU means that 99% of its constituent amino acids act as precursors for the body protein synthesis.
As a result, it provides the highest NNU among any dietary protein or amino acid formula available.
By comparison: dietary protein provides a NNU of between 16%(casein) and 48%(hen egg).
Almost all protein supplements using casein, whey, or soybean as a protein source provide an average of 17% NNU.
This is 82% less than that provided by PLAN A. As a result, PLAN A is almost 6 times more effective than protein supplements.

Plan A provides the “building blocks” of protein without excess calories or additional burden on the body.
​PLAN A is made up of 9 essential amino acids and 2 conditional amino acids.
Essential amino acids cannot be made by the body. As a result, they must come from food.

PLAN A provides all 9 of the essential amino acids in a unique sequence and ratio that the body needs for proper protein synthesis.
​Conditional amino acids are usually not essential, except in times of illness and stress.
Training puts a lot of stress on the body and for that reason the two most important conditional amino acids for athletes are present in the correct ratio in PLAN A.
It is well known that supplementing the 9 essential amino acids is very important but more important is the ratio between the 9 essential amino acids.

PLAN A gives you all 9 essential amino acids and the 2 conditional amino acids in the correct ratio.
It is the ratio of these amino acids that sets PLAN A apart from all other amino acids supplements available on the Market.

PLAN A is 100% fat and sugar free, unlike all other protein dietary supplements which have a significant amount of fat and added sugars.

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