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Used by professional sportsmen all over the world, and the only product of its type in the country, Plan A has been scientifically formulated to contain the exact amino acid ratio for repair and building of muscles before and after high performance.

Plan A is a specific unique sequence of essential, vegetable-based amino acids in a highly purified crystalline form, providing the body with a level of muscle recovery and performance that is not attainable from dietary proteins.

The use of PLAN A is especially recommended for individuals who want to achieve faster protein synthesis in the body, and therefore enhance muscle recovery and performance at a rapid rate.

– 6x more effective than protein supplements

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Serving suggestion:

Female – 2 capsules 20 minutes before performance, 2 directly after performance

Male – 4 capsules 20 minutes before performance, 2 directly after performance

Key impacts:

  • The body is unable to produce amino acids, which is why our bodies require us to attain protein (that eventually gets broken down into essential amino acids) from dietary proteins such as meat, fish or Whey protein.
  • By using Plan A in substitution of dietary proteins, 99% of the essential amino acids are absorbed, versus 17% from whey protein or 30% from meat or fish.
  • Plan A provides your body with all 9 essential amino acids and 2 conditional amino acids (utilised to recover from bodily stress, such as performance, and illness), in the scientifically correct ratio for optimal muscle recovery and performance.
  • With Plan A, the daily protein requirement can be easily and effectively achieved with essentially no calories, providing the protein building blocks for the body, without additional digestive bodily stress.

The Science Behind Plan A:

  • Absorbed in just 23 minutes, whereas usually the body needs 2-4 hours to digest dietary proteins or whey protein.
  • 99% absorption rate versus 17% absorption rate of whey protein, and 30% absorption rate of dietary protein
  • 6x more effective than protein supplements
  • 100% fat & sugar free
  • 10 capsules provide the body protein synthesis equivalent to that provided by approximately 180g of meat, fish or poultry, except with a 99% protein absorption rate instead of a 30% absorption rate.

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