PLAN A | Pre & Post Workout

Plan A has been scientifically formulated to contain the exact amino acid ratio for repair and building of muscles. Absorbed in just 23 minutes, (compared to the 2-4 hours needed by dietary proteins) Plan A gives you shorter recovery times and even faster results.

6x more effective than protein supplements

100% fat & sugar free


THE SWITCH | Pre-Workout

A supercharged pre-workout supplement that provides a surge of energy and mental focus like never before. Packed with an Amino Acid Complex, The Switch works to help you recover faster, helping you break through to new levels of strength, speed and endurance.

Turn It On, Use the Switch!


SHIFT | Intra-Workout

Formulated with a unique combination of electrolytes, amino acids and endurance-boosting ingredients, The Shift packs a punch.

Whether you are a crossfitter, cricketer or an endurance athlete, this intra-workout supplement is ultimate companion for moderate to high intensity training, sporting events and endurance events.

Step it up a gear, use the Shift!


RESET | Recovery Drink

The combination of ingredients in Reset Recovery Drink optimise and assist the body with recovery from daily wear and tear and/or intense training, improve joint health, support immune health function and reduce muscle and joint pain.

Recovery like you’ve never felt it before!


APITONE X10 | Fat Burner

Combining the latest research with 10 nutrient elements, ApiTone x10 Fat Burner stimulates the metabolism through thermogenesis while providing much-needed energy during times of dieting and training. ApiTone also contains a specialised ingredient, Apitex, which acts as an appetite suppressant.

The combination of proven fat burning and appetite controlling ingredients contained in our ApiTone will play a leading role in your weight management program for better health and vitality.

Feel the burn!

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