Training and tips for winter workouts

Winter is drawing near, and from a health perspective, it marks the time for high-calorie food comforts and warm, indulgent drinks. And often, the prospect of snuggling in compared to braving the outdoors or gym leave the exercise routines in the cold.

Since we’ve all been caught up in the winter slump, there is no judgement here. But we do want to offer you realistic and attainable ways to start preparing mentally and physically. Herewith are a handful of our top tips to smash your winter workout:

  • Set goals.

Seasonal training goals lead to healthy lifestyles for spring and summer; the earlier you envision them, the easier showing up for them will be. You will stay motivated even during the dreary weather days by focusing on your goal.

  • Have a health plan.

Be realistic about your availability to exercise during winter months and what you want to take from each gym or training session. Mentally rehearse your daily training time and prepare your gym or routine gear the night before. Hit the gym straight after work and re-energise mentally by integrating brisk exercise activities such as power walks into your workday.

  • Partner up.

Getting a workout buddy helps you stay motivated and pitch up for training sessions because you know someone is waiting for you. It is also an excellent way to catch up, spend time together, and, in the process, look after your mental wellness.

  • Water your way forward.

Yes, we favour warm drinks during the winter, but we must avoid dehydration by having sufficient water during the day, even in colder weather. Avoid high-calorie beverages or caffeine overload, and opt for healthy winter warmers like green tea.

  • Look to swimming.

Swimming is considered one of the best sports for a healthy life and an excellent form of exercise as a proper session works your abdominals, quads, pecs, hamstrings, glutes, deltoids, and lats. A warm indoor pool is perfect for your winter workout, especially if you find training in the cold excruciating.

The key to any successful training routine is showing up consistently and engaging in activities you enjoy. Mark your achievements with a spoil at the shops, a beauty treatment or winding down with a relaxing massage. Winter does not last long, but your ongoing workout and health habits can ensure you do.

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