Unique Product Plan A

Is the only product of its kind that is available in South Africa, and is formulated according to leading Amino Acid research and specialists. You can expect 99% less lactic acid build-up, and 10x faster muscle recovery. Forget synthetic protein and calories... we now have a natural, nutritional road to enhanced muscle recovery.
Plan A provides the optimum amino acid pattern for elite athletes: Plan A(MAP) Master Amino Acid Pattern. It provides the highest protein nutritional value and the smallest amount of toxic nitrogen waste.
Amino Acids are essential for muscle development and recovery, skin and connective tissue, organs, the immune system, brain functionality and metabolic aids. Our modern form of nutrition and high stress levels put us at risk of being deficient in essential amino acids, which can thoroughly impact well-being and high performance.
PLAN A induces a minimal stimulation of intestinal secretions, acting as a completely catabolised dietary protein, and is absorbed at a rapid rate without the aid of peptidases (enzymes). For this reason, the use of PLAN A is especially recommended in the dietary management of individuals who want to achieve faster and more intense body protein synthesis without overloading digestive functions. You can expect 99% less lactic acid build-up.
Natural Amino Acids (Plan A) Food Sources Synthetic Whey Protein
Absorption 23 minutes for equivalent of 180g of meat Absorption 2 – 4 hours Absorption 2 hours
No side effects Overconsumption leads to risk of liver and kidney failure Allergens
Already broken down Amino Acids – utilised immediately Requires metabolism of protein into Amino Acids in order to be utilised Requires metabolism of protein into Amino Acids in order to be utilised
99% utilised for muscle recovery (NNU) Less than 30% utilised for muscle recovery (NNU) 17% utilised for muscle recovery (NNU)
100% natural Added hormones Synthetic and inferior protein source
Zero calories
100% fat free Added fat
100% sugar free Added sugars
0% carbohydrates Carbohydrate content
Absorbed without the aid of peptidases (enzymes) Requires peptidases (enzymes) to absorb Requires peptidases (enzymes) to absorb
Enhances hormone balance
Enhances brain function
Boosts immune system
Prevents ageing of muscle mass
Contains all 9 essential Amino Acids – Plan A(MAP) Master Amino Acid Pattern Lacks key essential Amino Acids Lacks key essential Amino Acids
Suitable for Vegans / Vegerarians
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