Unique Product Reset

Reset is a high quality repair supplement that provides an outstanding combination of patented ingredients.
This product optimizes and assists with recovery from daily wear and tear and intense training/performance, improves joint health, boosts immune functioning and reduces any muscle and joint pain.
What makes Reset unique is that it utilises leading amino acid research, is developed by professionals and contains patented ingredients proven to enhance recovery and repair speed.
Patented ingredients include:
Key ingredients only accessible to XSV (patented) Key recovery benefits
GlutaZyme (Enzymatic Buffered Glutamine) Speeds up muscle recovery after high performance and bodily strain
Minimizes breakdown of muscle
Plays key role in protein metabolism and synthesis
Stimulates growth hormone production, metabolizing body fat and supporting new muscle growth
Chondriflex Counters cartilage degeneration, pain, inflammation, swelling
Prevents joints and muscles from holding onto lactic acid
Enhances regeneration of connective tissue, tendons, cartilage, ligaments and bone matrix
Collagen (Hydrolysed Type 2 Collagen-kDA2) Contains purified, partially-digested type 2 collagen, enhancing the absorption percentage in the joints, resulting in increased mobility


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