Unique Product Shift

A 45-ingredient, 60-minute intra-performance energy and endurance punch is tricky to match.
This intra-performance drink has a tiered-release of its nutrients and ingredients as your body requires them. Unlike energy sachets, Shift enhances and sustains energy levels lasting 50-60 minutes.
As an elite athlete, you can rest assured that this intra-performance supplement does not risk performance through an energy spike that is followed by an energy dip; this product has been manufactured to ensure endurance.
Shift Other intra-performance supplements on the market (such as energy sachets)
Nutrients and ingredients ensure 50-60 minute energy enhancement Short-lived energy spike owing to sugar content
Focus is on endurance through tiered release of nutrients, ensuring that your body is performing at an optimum and sustainable level for bodily health Focus is on spike in energy which occurs because of sugar content, but results in a subsequent energy decline and sugar low, risking performance sustainability
100% ingredient transparency Covered up incorrect quantities by using terms such as “Concentrated Ingredients”
Focus on mental stimulation and performance Focus purely on physical blood sugar-levels to spike energy
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