Unique Product Vitonic

Vitonic contains a vital component that sets it apart from the vast selection of other multivitamin supplements that you see on the shelves today... it caters for athletes specifically.
Vitonic is a complete multivitamin and mineral supplement that has scientifically been developed to support sportsmen, as well as non sportsmen, in giving your bodies the right nutrients at the exact levels to help fill nutritional shortfalls in your diet.
A complete one-a-day formula from A to Z that enhances your physical energy and mental performance. However, the Ginseng content is what really makes it suitable for the elite.
Vitonic contains a rare key ingredient Key health benefits
Ginseng Enhances the body’s reaction to vitamin/mineral supplementation and absorption
Has a positive, synergistic effect with this absorption and energy enhancement
Ginseng and Multivitamin combination formulation are highly effective in improving energy, stamina and quality of life
Increases oxygen supply to the muscles and general vitality in the body, enhancing daily performance
Enhances physical and mental well-being, stress management and mood
Contains purified, partially digested type 2 collagen, enhancing the absorption percentage in the joints, resulting in increased mobility
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