What makes us different
XSV laboratories
Pre & Post Workout
The only product of its kind available in South Africa
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Intra Workout
Unmatched intra-performance energy and endurance
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Recovery Drink
Assists with recovery and improves joint health
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Pre Workout
Attain your optimal pre-performance mind set
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Fat Burner
Enhances metabolism and suppresses appetite without decreasing energy for performance
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Complete Vitamin
A complete multivitamin and mineral supplement specifically for athletes
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Recovery supplements
The ultimate repair and recovery supplement bundle
A bundle of premium recovery supplements that ensure rapid recovery; boosting endurance & energy.
What's in the bundle:
1x Vitonic, 1x Plan A and 1x Reset.
Performance supplements
The Ultimate performance supplement bundle
A bundle of high performance sports supplements; enhancing overall performance and recovery.
What's in the bundle:
2x Plan A, 2x Reset, 1x The Switch, 2x Shift, 2x Apitone, 2x Vitonic.
Toning supplements
The ultimate muscle toning and strength supplement bundle
A bundle of premium sports supplements that will boost endurance, energy and performance; to ensure optimal muscle toning and strength.
What's in the bundle:
1x Plan A, 1x The Switch, 1x Reset and 2x Apitone.
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